A future without insulin

A future without insulin

by Francesco Pampaloni in Horizon 2020 Projects: Portal, Issue 11
July 2016

A future without insulinIn July 2016, an interview of Dr Francesco Pampaloni, LSFM4LIFE scientific manager from the Goethe University Frankfurt, has been published in the 11th issue of Horizon 2020 Projects:  Portal. Dr. Pampaloni is in charge of the development of the High-Throughput Light Sheet Microscope (HT-LSFM) and the high-content screening of the human pancreas organoids for the project.

The interview gives an overview of the LSFM4LIFE project, its approach, its final goals and its challenges to overcome in order to create a path for finding a sustainable cure to diabetes. LSFM4LIFE has a great potential « to improve the quality of life of diabetes patients » and could also allow the « realisation of the promise of cellular therapy for other severe diseases ».

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