Interview with PhD students of the Stelzer Group – Interview mit Doktoranden der Stelzer-Gruppe

by Dr. Anne Hardy-Vennen,Communication Officer, in Goethe University website, February 21st 2016

In February we have published on our website an interview of Lotta Hof and Till Moreth, two PhD students from Goethe University in Frankfurt. They are both specialized in Cell Biology and Physiology, and are currently working with the group of Prof. Ernst Stelzer on the LSFM4LIFE project, more precisely on the physical characterization of the pancreatic organoids in order to provide a good quality control system.

On the 21st of February Dr. Anne Hardy-Vennen, the Communication Officer of Goethe University has published an article resuming the interview, and showing a short extract where Till Moreth tells how they came to the project and what they like about it.

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