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LSFM4LIFE seminar to T1D patients by Dr Francesco Pampaloni

On Sunday 17 September 2017, Dr. Francesco Pampaloni, the scientific manager of the LSFM4LIFE project, gave a seminar to Type 1 Diabetes patients and their families about our project: “An achievable future for Type 1 Diabetes cellular therapy”.

Villa Gerini venue of seminar T1D LSFM4LIFE

Villa Gerini, venue of T1D seminar were the LSFM4LIFE project participated

The seminar was organised as a part of Summer festival of the ATBGD (Associazione Toscana Bambini e Giovani con Diabete – Tuscan Association for Diabetic Children and Young Adults).

The non-profit organization ATBGD, which associates T1D patients and their families at local level in Florence and surroundings, invited Dr Pampaloni to give a seminar about LSFM4LIFE at their summer festival. The ATBGD operates in close collaboration with the doctors of the Meyer Children Hospital in Florence, and aims to support the integration of T1D patients in everyday life.

ATBGD flyer

ATBGD flyer

The insights from the conversation with patients and families

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Families with T1D children in toddler’s age face the challenge to integrate them in kindergartens. Not every caregiver takes the responsibility of overlooking small T1D patients, regularly check their blood glucose level, and inject insulin if needed. To this aim, the training and support of caregivers is essential, and funding for that is necessary at local and national level.

Teenagers with insurgent T1D experience a big shock as they have to completely change their lifestyle from one day to the other after the diagnosis. How to go on with school, sports, friendships, relationships? What are the chances of living a normal, healthy life, having their own family and own children?

The integration and cooperation between scientists, medical doctors, policymakers, and charities are fundamental to ensure T1D patients a healthy and long life.

About 250 participants, including patients and their families, took part to the festival, and most of them attended the seminar.

In the talk and in his answers, Dr Pampaloni was constantly focused on giving the most objective and scientifically precise information in an understandable format.

Dr Francesco Pampaloni seminar LSFM4LIFE

Dr Francesco Pampaloni with the audience at LSFM4LIFE seminar