Two posters presented at Goethe University’s summer party

Sanam Saeifar, a PhD student in Ernst Stelzer’s group at the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany), is the most recent member of the LSFM4LIFE team that is developing a therapeutic-scale manufacture of human pancreas organoids (hPOs) for cellular therapy of type 1 diabetes. Last Friday, the summer party at Goethe University’s Biologicum gave her the opportunity to present her research on a poster entitled “Human Pancreatic Organoids Aggregation and Co-Culturing”.

Sanam joined Francesco Pampaloni’s LSFM4LIFE team after completing her Master studies in Cell Biology and Physiology at Goethe University in May 2018. In her PhD, she is mostly interested in investigating whether 3D culturing combined with co-culture of pancreas progenitor cells with endothelial cells and mesenchymal cells is able to trigger or maintain endocrine differentiation in hPOs. She already successfully formed compact spheroids from hPOs, followed by immunostaining against differentiation markers such as SOX9. She will culture the spheroids in medium containing gradients of Matrigel to see the effect on their morphology. And she will co-culture hPOs, endothelial cell, mesenchymal cells and fibroblasts using differentiation protocols developed by Meritxell Huch’s group at Gurdon Institute.

Sanam was not the only member of the LSFM4LIFE team to present a poster: Till Moreth also gave an overview of his work on mechanical forces in growing pancreatic organoids.