When the experts on organoids will meet at EOS2019 in Milan next week, the LSFM4LIFE partners will have the opportunity to present their work to the scientific community and to discuss their latest results with their peers. All seven scientific project partners will contribute to a special session on human pancreas organoids and diabetes, which will start the symposium on Monday morning.

Lotta Hof (BMLS, Frankfurt am Main) will open this session with her talk on high-content and high-throughput imaging for pancreas organoid characterization, followed by Nicole Prior (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge), who will present her work on long-term expansion and genomic stability of human pancreas organoids. In the next presentation, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy (University of Cambridge) will address various aspects of function, safety and immunogenicity of organoids in regenerative medicine.

The next two talks will be given by industry partners: Joan Mir, from InSphero (Zurich), has been chosen to introduce the audience to InSphero’s 3D technology platform for functional assessment of pancreas organoids; and Brigitte Angres, from Reutlingen-based Cellendes, will discuss the expansion of pancreatic organoids in a chemically defined three-dimensional matrix.

Joan Mir will present InSphero’s 3D technology platforms on Monday, 23 Sept at 11am.

Lorenza Lazzari (Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Policlinico, Milan), one of the organizers of EOS2019, will then address the relevant aspects of a standardized GMP-compliant scalable production of human pancreas organoids. Bart van Dijk, who works at Lonza Netherlands (Maastricht), will follow up with his contribution on the industrialization of human pancreas organoid manufacturing.

In addition, the LSFM4LIFE project partners will also contribute to the Selected Speakers session on Monday afternoon, with Michael Koch (BMLS, Frankfurt am Main) talking about the characterisation of patient-derived liver organoids for precision medicine in primary liver cancer; and to the Human Epithelial Organoids session on Tuesday morning, with Nicole Prior presenting her work on liver organoids for the study of liver biology and disease.

Also, 42 posters will be set up and the LSFM4LIFE project will be represented five times:

  • Nikitas Georgakopoulos (University of Cambridge): Assessment of safety and immunogenicity of human adult pancreas derived organoids for their use in clinical applications.
  • Lotta Hof: High-content and high-throughput imaging for pancreas organoid characterization
  • Michael Koch: Characterisation of patient-derived liver organoids for precision medicine in primary liver cancer
  • Till Moreth (BMLS, Frankfurt am Main): Behind the scene – PIEZO1 and CFTR mediate the cystic structure of pancreatic organoids
  • Sanam Saeifar (BMLS, Frankfurt am Main): Inducing differentiation in human pancreatic organoid using cell co-culture system