LSFM4LIFE is networking

Brigitte Angres, Executive Manager of LSFM4LIFE partner Cellendes (Reutlingen), will attend the Meet & Match event “Organs-on-a-chip, organoids & other microphysiological systems as advanced human in vitro models” organized by BioValley and BioPro in Strasbourg (France) on 7 November 2019, where she will present Cellendes’ work in a talk entitled “3D Life Biometic Hydrogel Technology and its application for organoid and other 3D cell cultures”.

The networking event focuses on present and future trends in the field of advanced human in vitro models, such as organ-on-a-chip approaches, organoid technologies as well as corresponding applications, e.g. in the area of early drug development. More details are available on BioPro’s web site and on BioValley’s web site.

Within the LSFM4LIFE project, Cellendes has been working on the development of a hydrogel for the culture of human pancreas organoids. For more details on Cellendes, please have a look at their video on LSFM4LIFE’s YouTube channel.