Shooting in the labs

After the success of the diabetes video produced about 1.5 years ago to advertise LSFM4LIFE, Scientific Manager Francesco Pampaloni (Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt) decided to invest in the making of another video to promote the project. He therefore contacted RiedbergTV, a student association offering their services next door to his institute on Goethe University’s Riedberg Campus.

Since then, Conni Heinzen and Lisa Schisanowksi, two students who are running RiedbergTV in their free time with a few friends, have been generating more than an hour of video material featuring processes in the labs and interviews with scientists involved in the project.

The initial idea was to shoot videos at the three main LSFM4LIFE sites, in Milan, Frankfurt and Cambridge. But eventually the visit to Cambridge was replaced with a journey to the Consortium Meeting in Brussels, where the participants were filmed during the presentations they made, and Nicole Prior and Nikitas Georgakopoulos, who are working in the two Cambridge groups involved in the project, were interviewed in front of the camera.

“I thought showing people in a meeting room would be more interesting than having more images of a research lab”, explains Francesco Pampaloni.

Also, Brigitte Angres (Cellendes, Reutlingen) offered filming how hydrogels are produced, so Conni Heinzen and Lisa Schisanowksi now have plenty of video material and will have to spend many hours on assembling the interviews and lab scenes into a short story.

“We will probably produce one main video that presents the whole project and then have several partner-specific videos, in which we can have more details”, says Conni Heinzen.

In the meantime, LSFM4LIFE scientists await the availability of the new video with impatience: “It’s a must to have this ready in time for EOS2019, the big organoids symposium that will happen in Milan in September!”, emphasizes Lorenza Lazzari (Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Policlinico, Milan), who is organizing the meeting with Francesco Pampaloni and Meritxell Huch (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge).

Getting ready for the interview in 8 seconds