Organoids, a cure for diabetes

Andrea Lavazza, who attended the European Organoids Symposium (EOS2019) in Milan and presented a poster about consciousness issues (“Could human cerebral organoids be conscious? And what could it imply?”), wrote an article about EOS2019, organoids and diabetes for Avvenire, an Italian newspaper: “Organoidi, cura per il diabete” (PDF reproduced with the author’s permission).

WDD2016 – Relieve T1D patients from monitoring insulin

World Diabetes Day 2016 Today is the 25th World Diabetes Day (WDD). The event was created 25 years ago, by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, to draw attention to the growing problem of Diabetes and the global health threat it represents. The problem is still unresolved and needs to be highlighted. This year, the theme of …