Organoids, a cure for diabetes

Andrea Lavazza, who attended the European Organoids Symposium (EOS2019) in Milan and presented a poster about consciousness issues (“Could human cerebral organoids be conscious? And what could it imply?”), wrote an article about EOS2019, organoids and diabetes for Avvenire, an Italian newspaper: “Organoidi, cura per il diabete” (PDF reproduced with the author’s permission).

LSFM4LIFE on Diabetes Diet

Emma Baird added a post about LSFM4LIFE to her Diabetes Diet blog. Thank you very much for following us and helping us to reach out to the community! And congratulations for your blog!


Italy’s national public service channel Rai1 has broadcasted a coverage of the LSFM4LIFE project at the Cell Factory Facility in Milan. Work package leader Lorenza Lazzari was interviewed in the popular TV-show for health “Tutta Salute” on 10 May 2018. Link to the video (the interview starts at 35′):

EU project LSFM4LIFE. A new video to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

Published in corecommmunique website. Written by Chawm Ganguly on March 16, 2018 In January 2018, the LSFM4LIFE project released a video on the project’s aim to cure Type 1 diabetes by growing in-vitro human pancreas organoids from adult stemcells. On march 16th, Chawm Ganguly, communicator, journalist and author posted the press release on the corecommmunique website. A platform that disseminate information …

Organoids is a bet on which a lot of people invested – Organoidi, una scommessa bagnata da un diluvio di investimenti

Published in pagina99, an Italian online and offline. Written by Roberta Villa on June 02, 2016 The Italian online and printed magazine, Pagina99, has dedicated in June 2016, an article on organoids and more specifically on scientific institutes who are working hard to improve biomedical research. The article mentions the LSFLM4LIFE project and explains it shortly. The author of the article quotes Lorenza Lazzari, head of …

Interview with PhD students of the Stelzer Group – Interview mit Doktoranden der Stelzer-Gruppe

by Dr. Anne Hardy-Vennen,Communication Officer, in Goethe University website, February 21st 2016 In February we have published on our website an interview of Lotta Hof and Till Moreth, two PhD students from Goethe University in Frankfurt. They are both specialized in Cell Biology and Physiology, and are currently working with the group of Prof. Ernst Stelzer on the LSFM4LIFE project, …

A future without insulin

A future without insulin

by Francesco Pampaloni in Horizon 2020 Projects: Portal, Issue 11 July 2016 In July 2016, an interview of Dr Francesco Pampaloni, LSFM4LIFE scientific manager from the Goethe University Frankfurt, has been published in the 11th issue of Horizon 2020 Projects:  Portal. Dr. Pampaloni is in charge of the development of the High-Throughput Light Sheet Microscope (HT-LSFM) and the high-content screening of the …

EU Project Aims to Cure Type 1 Diabetes

Press Release from Dr. Anne Hardy, Public Relations und Kommunikation, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main Published by Technology Networks Group – a global community of researchers and scientific professionals from the life science, drug discovery and analytical arenas, on April 05, 2016 More and more children are affected by type 1 diabetes in Europe and in the USA.  A group of European …

European researchers developing organoids to spare Type 1 diabetics from lifelong insulin therapy

European researchers developing organoids to spare Type 1 diabetics from lifelong insulin therapy

by Vittorio Hernandez in International Business Times on April 04 2016 The Australian edition of the International Business Times has dedicated an article to LSFM4LIFE project on April 4, 2016, giving accurate details about the process to develop pancreatic organoids and introducing the project’s ultimate ambition to transplant three-dimensional cellular structures of insulin-producing cells into diabetes patients’ pancreas.   Related link …