LSFM4LIFE Partners

Establishing pancreas organoids for the therapy of T1D is an innovative process. Its accomplishment requires a critical mass of experts at the European level. Acknowledged experts from both academia and industry contribute their multidisciplinary expertise.

The consortium is trans-trandisciplinary and possesses the broad expertise in:

  • Clinical Therapy of Diabetes
  • Transplantation
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • Three-dimensional Cell Cultures
  • Biomimetic Hydrogel Synthesis
  • GMP Production of Cellular Therapeutics
  • Advanced Light Microscopy, High-throughput Screening, High-content Imaging
  • Application of Biochemical Assays

Several consortium partners have already cooperated with each other and have long-standing common interests.

  • number 1 3D Light Microscopy
    Quantitative biology
    Project/Innovation management

  • goetheuni-logo
  • number 2

    Stem cells and tissue regeneration
    Organoid formation

  • gurdoninstit-logo
  • number 3

    3D in vitro microtissues for drug testing
    Functional screening of microtissues
    Standardised islet microtissues

  • insphero-logo
  • number 4

    Biomimetic hydrogel development
    Protein and polymer modification
    Peptide design

  • cellendes-logo
  • number 5

    Cellular therapies and regenerative medicine
    Industrial expertise in support of phase I-III clinical trials

  • lonza-logo
  • number 6

    Stem cell therapies
    Clinical expertise in GMP production of cellular therapies

  • policlinicomilano-logo
  • number 7

    Pancreas transplantation
    Transplant immunology
    Transplant models in humanized mice

  • cambridgeuni-logo
  • number 8

    Former partner for communication and dissemination activities (2016-18)

  • sparks-logo
  • number 9

    Partner for communication and dissemination activities (2019)

  • prosciencia-logo